pencil sketch


 Wow, that was quick !
 p.s. it looks fab.

 Well this one is of my dad, it's   
 his 50th birthday at the end of
 march so wanted to get him an 
 unusual prezzie.

 Ok, he has brown hair and
 green/brown eyes.

 He works on the railway as a
 signaling engineer, he spends
 most of his time in the office but
 does still occasionally go out on 
 the track.

 So my ideas are that he
 could be leaning against a signal 
 with maybe a signal box in the
 background, I don't have too
 many ideas with this one so
 if you have any that would be
 great, if the background could 
 maybe more countrified than
 citified IFYKWIM

 I have attached a couple of
 photos, one is a close up the
 other is what he wears when he
 is out on the track.