pencil sketch


 I would like to make a cartoon request
 for these two people.

 I am having an engagement party for
 them and i want to use them on the
 invitation.  i would like the picture to
 be of him on one knee proposing to
 her. Their names are Tommy and
which I'd like as a heading.

 He has brown hair, blue eyes and a
 medium build.  She has blonde hair
 and green eyes
and a medium build.  

 Tom presented Sherry with a cake
 saying 'Will you marry me ' on it.

 Is it possible to have a stretch 4x4
in the background ?

 I love it!!!
 thank you for all your hard work!!
 I will pass your website along
 to all of  my friends!!
 Thanks again,
 Goldsboro, North Carolina