pencil sketch



  Hi, I have recently arrived home
 from Australia visiting friends and
 would like to send them a thank
 you. I have attached a few
 photos as I have not got just one
 with all three together, I also
 have  an idea of what I would like.

 They play table tennis in their
 back garden together a lot so
 would like this to be included, also
 I would love it if Jarrod was
 dressed up like a princess
 Jamie a fireman, it would also be
 great if Brooke could look quite
 sleepy hugging a giant pillow as
 this fits their personalities and has
 inside meaning to them.

 I don't have a pic of the garden but
 they do have a sofa, tv, wooden
 beer barrel
and blown up beer
all in the garden along with
 the table tennis table, so I'll leave
 it in your capable hands to draw
 what you think, the street they live
 on is called Wareena Street.
 Brooke would either wear
 jeans/denim skirt with vest top
 and flip flops
, and be hugging her
 giant pillow she called Bruce.
 Brooke and Jamie have blue eyes
 and Jarrod brown.

 Thank you for this i know they'll
 love it, would be great if you could
 send me a sketch first.